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Breaking free from addiction is possible with the right team of professionals by your

side. We will work with you to determine just what your needs are and then develop

the right completely customized treatment program that includes rehab and detox

to help you break free of the cycle of addiction and develop skills and strategies that

will help you lead a sober life.

Why Seek Addiction Treatment?

Drug addiction is classified as a disease that the U.S. Department of Health and

Human Services estimates affects the lives of more than 23 million American men

and women. If you needed medical treatment for a serious disease, you wouldn’t try

to go it alone. You would seek out the help of a medical professional to create a

treatment plan to help you recover. Drug and alcohol addiction are best treated the

same way–by a team of experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills

needed to ensure success.

Are All Treatment Centers the Same? What’s Different About Addiction Treatment Center Nexus?

The standards of care at drug rehabilitation centers can vary greatly. When you

choose to deal with a facility that Addiction Treatment Center Nexus recommends,

you can be confident that you will receive care from a facility that keeps to the

highest possible quality care standards. We only represent facilities where

treatments are administered by teams of professionals. Some of these individuals

have previously been in treatment themselves, making them uniquely able to

understand a client’s perspective. Men and women who choose Addiction

Treatment Center Nexus receive the support they need to get a fresh start in

positive, motivating environments where they are given the utmost respect.

How Do I Get Started with Drug Rehab or Help a Loved One?

The most important part of getting help for an addiction is admitting that you need

help in the first place. Although the facilities that Addiction Treatment Center Nexus

represents have very high success rates, no program can work for a client who isn’t

ready to receive help. For a person who is reluctant to enter treatment, an

intervention may provide assistance and allow him or her to see the benefits in

getting help. Addiction Treatment Center Nexus can provide you with assistance if

an intervention is needed for your loved one.

What Happens After I Seek Help?

After admission into a drug treatment program, clients must go through

detoxification. While this process can be difficult, it is vital to success, as it is the

time during which a client breaks his or her physical dependence on substances. Our

experienced staff members develop the right detox plan to help every client through

the process. Once it is complete, clients are ready to move forward using our holistic

approach that treats the body, mind and spirit.